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Carole Doussin

Welcome to the Quebec International Trade website.

Quebec International Trade is the largest network of market development experts in Quebec. Bringing together regional export promotion organizations from across the province (ORPEX), our network includes 65 international trade commissioners and consultants offering expert advice to Quebec SMEs intent on capturing foreign markets.

Mandated by the governments of Québec and Canada, all the ORPEX offer customized and proximity services at a reasonable cost to help businesses implement the best international trade practices to develop new markets. Every year, more than 2300 SMEs from various sectors of activity call upon our services.

Our experts are available to guide you through your market diversification process, whether your business is about to start exporting or already has a strong foothold in international markets.

If you are looking to develop proximity markets (the United States or other Canadian provinces) or break into complex foreign markets (Brazil, China or African countries), our network is qualified to provide you with tailored consulting services.

Please use our interactive map of Quebec to find the ORPEX servicing your region.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website.

Carole Doussin

President of Quebec International Trade


Quebec International Trade is the network of regional export promotion organizations (ORPEX) established across Quebec. The network represents the organizations’ interests at the provincial and federal levels. It facilitates the sharing of best business practices and contributes to the promotion of ORPEX international trade expertise.

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Commerce International Québec International Trade (CIQ) was created in March 2001. The network was created so that the ORPEX might pool their expertise and certain resources to better meet the needs of the businesses that they serve.

The first regional export promotion organizations (ORPEX) were created during the 1990s at the initiative of provincial and federal governments.

Since then, Commerce International Québec has been providing support to the ORPEX that help Quebec-based businesses develop their export markets.

Board of Directors

Carole Doussin
Carole DoussinPresident
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Margarita Motta
Margarita MottaVice-President
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Gino Cyr
Gino CyrSecretary-Treasurer
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Valérie L’Heureux
Valérie L’HeureuxCoordinator
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Ariel Retamal
Ariel RetamalDirector
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Michèle Jacques
Michèle JacquesDirector
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Mathieu Lapointe
Mathieu LapointeDirector
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Éric Boucher
Éric BoucherDirector
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West Montreal
North Shore
East Montreal
Downtown Montréal
National Capital Region
Laurentian Region
Central Quebec
Gaspé-Magdalen Islands Region
Lower St. Lawrence
The Chambre de commerce de l'Est de Montréal (CEM) is the ORPEX (regional export promotion organization) of the East End of Montréal. The mission of the Service d’aide à l’exportation (SAE) of the CEM is to support and coach businesses to develop markets abroad. They provide customized support in the form of consulting packages and à la carte services for the following:
  • Preparing export diagnoses
  • Identifying export strategies and drafting international business plans
  • Prioritizing and selecting target markets
  • Prospecting and qualifying clients and trade partners in target markets
  • Addressing various technical questions: logistics, customs, compliance, taxation, e-commerce, etc.
  • Supporting businesses seeking export financial assistance
  • Helping businesses prepare for trade shows
  • Certifying export documents
  • Customizing international communication tools

Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal

5600, rue Hochelaga, bureau 100
Montréal, QC
H1N 3L7
Phone: 514-354-5378
Fax: 514-354-5340



Raphaëlle Mandelbaum, Export Support Services Director

Raphaëlle Mandelbaum

Export Support Services Director
rmandelbaum@ccemontreal.ca / 514 354-5378, ext. 226

Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal
Region East Montreal

Special Skills

  • North American markets
  • European markets
  • Markets of emerging countries
  • All sectors of activity

Raphaëlle Mandelbaum holds a Master’s Degree in Political and International Business. She has extensive experience in international market development in both the private and public sectors, in Quebec and abroad. Raphaëlle has lived in several foreign countries, including in Latin America. She worked in the United States, where she was in charge of assisting French-language businesses in their endeavours to enter the Western United States market. For several years, Raphaëlle has coached Quebec businesses in all their projects to export and expand worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

  • Support to international business development
  • Market studies
  • Organization of trade missions abroad
  • Development of marketing strategies customized to foreign markets
  • Search for funding and development of structuring partnerships
  • In-depth knowledge of BRIC markets

Key Achievements

  • Organization of trade missions in Canada and to the United States, Russia, India and China
  • Support to Quebec businesses for international development in numerous sectors of activity
  • Implementation of a public and private network of partners at the local and international levels